Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Facet-nating World of Julian Covey Ceramics

Today we'd like to introduce you to ceramic artist Julian Covey. Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and having grown up in Montreal, Julian returned to the East Coast to study at NSCAD University, where he fell in love with clay. His ceramic vessels encompass both traditional and contemporary elements of functional pottery.

You may remember Julian's work from when we had Miyako Ballesteros from the Ikebana Shop create her floral displays using his vessels.

Ceramics by Julian Covey, Wallpaper by Briana Corr-Scott, Ikebana by Miyako Ballesteros

Currently we have a range of Julian's faceted porcelain functional wear including mugs and crystalline canisters with lids.

His colours are spectacular, the view from above one of his crystalline canisters shows off Julian's care and consideration when glazing the facets of his work. For Julian the process of making the works is intuitive, and he uses "the creative process as a tool to delve into the subconscious. Ideas around perception and balance drive the artworks, as does the materiality of the clay itself."

They also pair very nicely with the paintings by Katharine Burns and Gordon MacDonald we currently have on display.

We would have liked to introduce you to Julian's works sooner, but the last time he made a delivery the works left the gallery almost as soon as they arrived!

Pop in soon to enjoy them in person! Cheers from the gallery!