Saturday, June 11, 2016

Let's Hear It For the DADS!!

Father's Day is about a week away - June 19th for those of you who might need a little reminder - so it's time to celebrate Dad! If you haven't had a chance to pick something up for Dad yet, don't panic, we have you covered!

Let's get started with a few cards from our Father's Day selection...

Allison Taylor

The Regional Assembly of Text

Jodie Hansen
Laura Roy

Once you've picked out the perfect card we'd be happy to help you pick out a gift! 

For your techy Dad, maybe a money clip made out of old watch gears?

Money Clip by Elle Paisley Designs

Or for the fancy Father in your life, how about a set of Lego cufflinks?

Or how about a BRAND NEW BOAT? Whoa whoa who, you might be saying, a new boat might be a bit extravagant... How about a new boat made from a SHOE? That's right, a shoe! 

Shoe Boat by Kim Danio

Or maybe a kayak or canoe is more Dad's speed?

Shoe Kayaks, Canoe and Car by Kim Danio

Or maybe Dad's more of a land lover - how about as some bikes so he and mom can go on some off-road adventures?

Shoe Car and Bikes by Kim Danio

No matter what you route you decide to take we hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy (almost) Father's Day to all your Dad's out there!