Wednesday, September 7, 2016

...Chasing the clouds away.

Oh those sunny days. It's September in Nova Scotia which means it's the last beautiful month of summer and time to get those last few beach days in while you can. If you can't make it all the way to the beach to chase those clouds away, we've got some pieces that will transport you there...

Katharine Burns, Clouds Over a Sandy Beach, Oil on Board, 24"x30"

Dawn or dusk, the beach is a sweet escape any time of day. The sky lights up and fills with colour, and no one captures those last bits of light better than Gordon MacDonald.

Gordon MacDonald, No Wind, Oil on Copper, 8"x10"
 Even overcast days at the beach can take your breath away, as Katharine Burns shows in Reflecting Beach.

Katharine Burns, Reflecting Beach, 8"x8", Oil on Board

Or just lay down and look up to get lost in those beautiful coastal clouds, like in this lovely grouping by MacDonald:

Cloud Memory Grouping by Gordon MacDonald

Can't make it all the way to the beach? Why not go for a dip in one of our many wonderful lakes? Danny Abriel captured the blue skies and secluded feeling of sitting along the shoreline, listening to nothing but the wind in the trees and the water gently moving.

Danny Abriel, Pond at Midday, 24"x36", Acrylic on Canvas

Take advantage of these lovely September days and pop into the gallery to prolong them all year round!