Saturday, September 3, 2016

Craft - New work by Shelley Mitchell

Attention Shelley Mitchell lovers this one is for you! Opening Friday, September 16th from 7-9pm is Mitchell's latest solo show - Craft. As always with Mitchell the work does not disappoint. We've given you a few sneak peaks of the work and are happy to tantalize you with a few more...

Shelley Mitchell, Mahogany, Oil on Canvas, 36"x24"
Here Mitchell talks about her work in her own words:

"I spend a great part of my time on and near water and am still amazed by the ingenuity and beauty of small craft and their relationship to the ocean in all its’ moods. Their shapes, colors and relationship to the water are endlessly diverse and each one has a character and history that is the element I’m trying to portray in my paintings."

Shelley Mitchell, Deep Blue, Oil on Canvas, 30"x40"
"A boat’s relationship with the water is critical, especially that line where “wood” meets “water”. The water itself in its’ endless movement is a miracle of design and such a challenge to capture! I want the sound and fury of a huge Atlantic roller and the rippling calm of the harbour and the way late sun reflects blindingly in a calm evening. I can't imagine ever being tired of the subject and the attempt to share it with others who love and understand the ocean."

Mitchell's dog, Bow, helps out in the studio. Bow was named after the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, and is Mitchell's BFF.

Mitchell was kind enough to share some shots of her studio as well, so you can go behind the scenes and catch a glimpse into her process.

Finished and in-process pieces go up on the wall.
Don't miss your chance to come and chat with Mitchell at her opening. If you're not able to make it to the opening the show will be up from Septemeber 16th until October 4th.