Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Magical World of Miyoshi Kondo

Friends and art lovers! We are so excited to be introducing you to Miyoshi Kondo, a new artist at the gallery. Originally from Toronto, Kondo studied at NSCAD University graduating in 2004, after which she returned to Toronto for a few years before making her way back to the east coast.

Take Off, Gouache on Paper Framed, 26"x36"

Kondo's primary medium is gouache, an opaque water-based paint similar to watercolour, that has a flatter matte finish. Using gouache Kondo is able to achieve clean lines and flat areas of colour. Here is a nice little introduction to gouache if you'd like to know more about the medium: What is gouache paint?

The Lights Are On But No One's Home, Gouache on Paper Framed, 10"x10"

Kondo fell for the medium when she was studying textiles at NSCAD, initially using it to create samples of repeat patterns that would be turned into textiles.

Take Me Home, Gouache on Paper Framed, 20"x12"

Here Kondo talks about creating those samples patterns and how it shifted into the work she's doing today:

"Gouache was the material of choice for this because of the range of colours that can be mixed and the flat, matte finish. I love the medium but began to stray from repeat patterns. Inspiration came from the decay of flora. I would try to capture the beauty of movement and patterns that emerge as the flora wilt and dry. Colour gives vibrancy in remembrance of the previous life contained within each being." 

Kondo's pieces are both thoughtful, nostalgic, and at times humorous, as evident in her series "The Chickens Come Home to Roost".

The Chickens Come Home to Roost... Yurt, Gouache on Paper Framed, 4"x4"

Come see these works in person, you won't believe their precision was done by hand. See more of Kondo's wonderful work at Argyle Fine Art here: Miyoshi Kondo