Friday, June 30, 2017

A Trip Down Wisteria Lane with Yoko White

If you've been in the gallery you're likely familiar with artist Yoko White's extraordinary needlework. A master of colour and French knots, her works are skillful and whimsical, with a side of Yoko's fantastic sense of humour. (Here's a little background on French Knots for those of you who aren't quite sure what it is.)
Yoko White, Wisteria Tree Tunnel, 9.5"x14", French Knots Hand Emroidery

Yoko grew up in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Canada to complete her education when she was 20 years old. She's always had a love for needlework, saying, "Since I was a little girl I made clothes for my doll, or made crafts for my families and friends. I really take my time when doing crafts to make sure the work comes out exactly as I imagined it and I am sure you will see this in all my work!"

Wisteria Tree Tunnel detail.

Yoko has generously shared her process with us on her most recent piece, Wisteria Tree Tunnel, and we are excited to share it with you!
Wisteria Tree Tunnel sketch layout.
"I started this piece in January. I wanted to make art that makes people say WOW! I think I was getting sick of cold winter weather ( I still love Canadian winter) and I thought making beautiful place / gardens can help me feel more like Spring."
Wisteria Tree Tunnel in process.
"I felt like I was there while I was making this, each French knot was my happy time, and I really hope people can see how I felt, and this art will help people to feel warmer all season."

Wisteria Tree Tunnel in process.

"The location of this tunnel is called Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan. "
Wisteria Tree Tunnel in process.
Thank you Yoko for giving us a sneak peak at behind the scenes of your work! See more pieces by Yoko in the gallery or online here.