Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ART by LAND and SEA: Workshop with Caitlin McGuire

If you haven't heard about our ART ON THE GO! Workshops, here's a little reminder that they are amazing!  There are still two to come and there is still space in both so register today. All the information on how the workshops run is HERE AT THIS LINK

The next one coming up is on Saturday, July 15th. It's being taught by our very own Caitlin McGuire whom many of you have met working at the gallery. Caitlin is a teacher when she's not working here or painting. Below is a photo of the latest LARGE painting of the Halifax Central Library still in the works. Caitlin loves colour and teaching colour theory. It all comes down to colour and shapes, which is what she's going to help you see as you take the ferry across the sea  and walk along the majestic Dartmouth waterfront.


Caitlin has years of experience leading classes and workshops. You don't need any previous art background to join in these workshops either- the main objective is to have fun and to get people open to the idea of starting to create. You also get to take the kit and supplies home,which you can continue to use after the workshop is over, to keep the art making going all year long. You'll be doing some sketching and painting with acrylics.

To recap: All supplies and teaching included in the price of just $50. Cigar boxes filled with the supplies have been provided by Sieverts  Limited and some supplies by DeSerres.  Oh, that price includes the FERRY ticket to and from Halifax as well! Meet at the gallery between 12:45-1pm. We'll be leaving the gallery for the ferry terminal at 1pm. Workshop runs until 3:30pm and at 4pm you all can take the ferry back to Halifax or stay on the "darkside". :-)  If it rains, the workshop will still go on- don't let a bit of water scare you.

AHOY!  Jump aboard for ART TO GO! Give us a call to book your spot! Bring a friend!
Artist Self Portrait