Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Art Adventures with Andy MacDonald

It's June! No, it's really June! We know it's hard to believe with the current weather, but summer is just around the corner! While you sit back and start planning your summer adventures we are happy to bring you the bright colourful works of artist Andy MacDonald, that we think will put you in the summer mood.

This little camper is the perfect precursor to summer adventures. The patterning on the curtains signals nostalgia of many cross country family trips.

Andrew MacDonald, Camper, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

If you're sticking closer to home it doesn't mean you can't have an adventure in your own neighbourhood, Andy has a knack for infusing new life and perspective into Halifax houses.

Andy MacDonald, House on Agricola x3, 20"x24", Acrylic on Board

Andy's work is both sentimental and refreshing, creating new context for every day scenes and objects. His sense of series and repetition comes from his background as a printmaker.

Andy MacDonald, Impala Sunrise, 24"x36", Acrylic on Board

Much of what Andy paints is what he's captivated by while out and about. Originally from Glace Bay, Cape Breton his work has included company houses, along with Halifax architecture, vintage vehicles and retro appliances, like these small radio works.

Andy MacDonald, Transmission, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

Andy MacDonald, Radio Cure, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

There is a sense of fun in Andy's work that is contagious when you spend time around it, much like Andy himself. We still a few 8"x10" prints of the piece below, Poverty Line, left if you need to infuse a little fun into your space.

Andy MacDonald, Poverty Lines, 36"x36", Acrylic on Board

Andy is also industrious and has worked on many different surfaces, from painting hockey players on an old picket fence, houses on skateboards to vintage trucks on an old cupboard door:

Andy MacDonald, Six Black Trucks, 42.5"x21.75", Acrylic and Glow in the Dark Paint on Board

You can see more of Andy's work online here, or currently in our window and up at the gallery. Happy June!