Saturday, March 3, 2018

It's World Wildlife Day today!

Our show HYGGE is still here but only until March 7th, so we hope you can drop down soon to see it all together! Today is World Wildlife Day, so we thought we'd share the stunning works by James Axon who has four pencil crayon works in the show-- also referred to as coloured pencils if you are in Canada.:-)  We feel so lucky to have met James because of the open call for this exhibit. There is just so much talent in our province- we are reminded of it everyday.

Red in Snow, 11" x 17", James Axon
Look to the North, 16" x 20", James Axon

This work (above) is just so multidimensional in person and getting the most attention. The fur looks soft. The antlers look rough and look at that eye.

Anticipation, 12" x 18", James Axon

Drifting Through, 11" x 17", James Axon
So be like the beaver above, and take a drift through this body of work and more by the over 30 artists that participated in the HYGGE SHOW in person on online HERE.