Monday, March 5, 2018

Try something New- Upcoming SPRING Workshops to get you HOPPING

Spring is in the air, and although Winter isn't finished with us quite yet, we can at least plan for the months ahead. Why not make your future-self happy and sign up for a workshop with us today.Learn something new with our fabulous artists. Even better, sign up for one of our workshops with friends or give the gift of learning to someone. All of the workshops are meant for anyone to attend-no previous experience needed.

Have you ever wondered how to make traditional or popular culture Ukrainian Eggs? Well now you can make your very own under the guidance of Ruby Boutilier and have it ready just in time for Easter - it's amazing how quickly that holiday will hop along! All the supplies are provided and it's only a 3 hour class on a Sunday afternoon, March 25th  with a cost of just $85.

Are you planning a trip soon or did you just come back from one? Before you throw out the ticket stubs or boarding passes, maps and more, consider making them a work of your art in your new travel art journal with Kimberley Eddy this April 4th, 6:30-8:30pm. Journalling is more than just writing down your thoughts like a diary- travel art journalling combines writing, sketching, collage and anything your imagination desires.

Artist Kim Eddy is a wonderful person to show you how to do this, as she has made this a way of organizing her thoughts and memories and even uses this practice as away to feed her inspiration for larger works of art; such as her tropical resin paintings.

And Kim was just featured in the current EAST COAST LIVING magazine about her art and discovering  personal style. You can read it  ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE NOW

As Spring really gets into full swing, and you start cleaning up all the old gloves and shoes, why not consider making them into art!? Save stuff from going to the landfill and re-purpose instead.  A very special EARTH DAY WORKSHOP with Kim Danio will help you do just that while having a HOPPING great time doing it. You'll learn how to transform a baby shoe and a glove into a frog or toad like these little fellows below. The Sunday afternoon workshop will happen on April 22nd, 11am-2pm and is just $ spaces available. HOP TO IT!

And of course, with all the new Spring critters starting to stir, we can't forget all the city birds that dwell with us through all the seasons. Learn to draw and create using pastel with Sharon Cave on May 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm. Sharon has a pet crow named MIKE, who you'll learn all about too! Sharon taught a workshop with us last season, and is back by popular demand. She is well known for her humorous chicken, cow and pig paintings too- she brings personality to pastels!


Of course, we can't forget to mention that we have an upcoming exciting  on March 15th with Dave Johnson (aka Chalkmaster Dave) and we still have openings. This is a great one to attend with the entire family- learning to draw from the master of pen and chalk. To get all the details on this workshop and more head over HERE