Friday, May 18, 2018

PRINT SALE! Royal Wedding! Bluenose Marathon!

A Royal Proclamation: Until the end of day Saturday May 26th our gallery artist prints are on sale for just $10 each! They're signed and editioned by the artists, normally priced at $25, and you know it doesn't get much better than that. So gift yourself, orrrrr, they make a great (and inexpensive) wedding gift. Sized at 8.5"x11" you can pop them into a frame and there you go!

We had a bit of fun pairing pieces together, so here's just  a few of the prints that are on sale right now...

A Halifax starter pack featuring Angela Doak and Jodie Hansen.

Some local architecture by artists Andy MacDonald and Jan Davison.

Halifax landmarks of the future and the past by artists Dave LeRue and Craig Baltzer.

A pair of fair fowls by artists Sharon Cave and Quinlan Smith.

Two very different lakeside landscapes by Mark Brennan and Danny Abriel.

You know how we feel about cats, and apparently our artists do too, at least Mirco Chen and Megan LeForte.

Two different interpretations of interiors by artists Caitlin McGuire and Jenny Johnson.

Speaking of weddings... It's the Royal Wedding weekend! And not just that, it's the Bluenose Marathon weekend! Congrats to everyone participating in both events.We decided to celebrate the best of both in our window display...

And from our own royal couple, Edward the VII and Glissandra, we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Pop in to meet this adorable couple by artist Dorothyanne Brown and some of their fabulously felted friends!