Friday, May 4, 2018

In an Instant: Polaroid Painting with Mary Garoutte


What are you doing this Saturday, May 5th, between the hours of 5pm and 7pm?   If the answer is "I have no idea!"- then why not sign up for our blast from the past workshop with artist Mary Garoutte- where you get to take a photo with a very retro device: the polaroid camera and then take that image even further with paint. All the supplies are included and you don't need any experience- just bring yourselves and have fun!

 Mary describes the workshop: 

This workshop is a fun & quirky way to merge both painting and photography. Utilizing the photographic source through classic Polaroid film, one can explore its unique limited palette and adaptability to be painted on. Topics explored will also cover composition considerations, as well as using this format as a preliminary work before embarking on a larger work or project.

Mary has been testing out her ideas and making some amazing creations..we can hardly wait to see what you create too!
Love the effects she is achieving with photo and paint....

This one is so ethereal and is a beacon to anyone living in HRM...the "cloud machine"..aka...Nova Scotia Power towers

Mary Garoutte is a local artist well known for her luminous oil paintings of buildings and people, with a very unique way of framing up images; almost magically playing with shadow and light. This workshop is different from others that we've hosted to date as the participants will get to explore the city with Mary and work with a variety of mediums.

TRY SOMETHING is about experiencing new things! Get in touch with us via or call 902-425-9456 and start your weekend off with art walking, talking, photographing, painting and general awesomeness.Cost is just $65!