Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dive In: Kimberley Eddy in the Studio & At the Gallery this Friday

We're getting excited to share the latest paintings by Kimberley Eddy! If you've been pining for warmer weather, these works are sure to boost your Spring/Summer spirits! Kim has used a variety of mixed mediums including art resin, acrylic paint, ink, sand from as far away as Bermuda and ONE painting actually lights up!

A few weeks ago we had the great pleasure of visiting Kimberley at her studio to see how these works are brought to life. For starters we were drawn to all the various acrylic paint, inks, alcohols, brushes and resin...and impressed with how organized she is. With this type of art, being organized certainly helps. It's 70% art making and creative problem solving,  but 30% science and technical painting too that requires things to be in order for a piece to work the way the artist wants, instead of leaving everything up to chance.

We also loved to learn about her obsession with the beach and sand. Kimberley has an extensive sand collection stored safely away in carefully labeled mason jars. The sand makes it's way in to her art. You'll find some sand from Bermuda as well local Nova Scotia beaches in her latest paintings on display.

 Kimberley showed us a few works in progress and even got out the torch to show us how she creates the smooth and shiney surfaces. WOW! It was amazing to see her at work and in her element. Safety first! Mask and gloves are an important part of the process too!

We can't wait for you all to meet Kimberley Eddy at the gallery this Friday, May 11th at the opening of her show, 6:30-8:30pm. But if you can't get here then, just drop by anytime since the show continues for a few weeks. All of the paintings will also be  online under our NOW SHOWING part of this blog too, once the show has officially opened. You may also have a chance to meet Kim here on Saturday afternoon...she hopes to pop by later in the afternoon.

We are so thankful to work with so many talented and gracious artists like Kimberley. Please make an effort to support our artists and local businesses. Pick up something special for yourself, a graduate or maybe even your it's Mother's Day this Sunday!  See you soon!