Sunday, April 19, 2020


Happy Sunday Everybody!  Here's the 3rd installment of our "Sunday Studio Days" series where we feature the creative spaces of our many talented artists.  This week we'll be exploring home studio of Anna Whalen.  

We were first introduced to Anna and her work in this year's Pre-Shrunk exhibition.  She has since contributed to our recent "Instafamous Dogs of Halifax" exhibition.  We look forward to seeing more of Anna's work in the gallery soon!

Interior view of Anna Whalen's studio.  The space features an amazing natural light source, and a workspace surrounded by art.   

"My studio space is quite small which keeps me mindful of cluttering it up. Actually,  I can make do with just about any space (‘maker doer’ I like to say). On the left is my kijiji air filter that draws the bit of oil painting unpleasantries quickly away..."

Detail view of Anna's workspace, showing paintings nearing completion...

"...Right now I’m dreaming of bacon and layering a glaze each day on that. I’m still working on my pop culture series and a few other ideas that have scooped my curiosity. I try to paint everyday, listen to podcasts and keep my feet on the ground, with my dog Alice (lovely studio mate) nearby."

Anna Whalen recently contributed to our "Instafamous Dogs of Halifax" exhibition, featured here are two pieces from her Pup Culture Series; (Left) "Littlest Hobo to the Rescue", and (Right) "Max, Bionic Woman", 5" x 5", acrylic on board (each)

We were first introduced to Anna's work earlier this year in our 2020 Pre-Shrunk Exhibition.  Here's "Consumable Culture 4" from the self-titled series,  4" x 5", acrylic on board...available now for only $85!!!

Who could forget the "pup-ularity" of Anna's  "Casey and Finnegan" painting, reproduced here as a postcard for our Pandemic Postcard Series"

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