Sunday, June 28, 2020


What a week! The Gallery Re-Opened to the public on Friday, after a long period under lockdown, and losing an entire season in between! The Summer months brings a welcomed new energy to both the City and the Arts Community. Our Sunday Studio Days series continues this week with a look at the creative workspace of Gallery Artist Briana Corr Scott.

Briana draws and paints still lives from observation. Her subjects are primarily objects from nature; flowers, bones and shells. Her painting style is quiet and meditative, she concentrates intently on each object and wraps it in glowing painted light...

Interior of Briana's Dartmouth studio.

"I do all of my work in this studio, but my process and inspiration starts outdoors, walking in nature, on the beach, or (long ago in pre-covid) travelling..."

A multi-disciplinary Artist, Briana is a published author, painter and illustrator...  

"I make a lot of different things in my studio so it changes all the time. Sometimes I paint, write, animate, illustrate. Sometimes I'm cutting, painting or on the computer..."

Exterior of Briana's Studio retreat, complete with garden pond!

"The (Studio) building at first was a garage and then my husband converted it to an office when he was starting his business. I took it over after he move his business to a bigger space. I think it is too nice of a space for a messy painter person like me, but I am very grateful for all the natural light and that there is enough room for my 3 kids to come in and out and hang out if they need. It makes working a lot more realistic, as I am their caregiver.."

Preliminary sketches for future projects...

"…I bring home my sketchbooks, journals and notes and make a pile. I work every single day so the pile gets big very quickly. I go through the pile every month or so, and ideas fall out of and merge from other things in the pile, and some type of final work begins."

Briana surrounds herself with objects that inspire her work...

"Whatever I don't use gets put into a second pile. If it doesn't survive the second pile it gets burned, and that is an important part of my process. I like to give myself the ability to destroy and start again. People tell me not to burn my work but I get as much out of destroying some of it as I do making it." - Briana Corr Scott

Studio interior with Briana's artwork on display. 
On Saturday, we celebrated the launch of Briana's new book; "The Book of Selkie" from Nimbus Publishing. The book is composed of short poems that explore the Selkie legend, and is beautifully illustrated with Briana's own original paintings.

The book sells for $24.95 and is now available for purchase (contact us for details)! 

As a special offer, for just $32, you can receive a signed copy of the book along with some special online extras including crafts, coloring, and printable activities. Briana even made two ZOOM backgrounds for you to use when chatting with friends online!

Briana posing in the Gallery with her new book; "The Book of Selkie"

Briana Corr Scott, "Peonie One", oil on board, 8" x 8"

To see more of Briana's work, follow the link to our flickr page HERE

For purchase inquiries, contact us at (902) 425-9456, or via email at