Sunday, June 7, 2020

SUNDAY STUDIO DAYS: Catherine Bagnell Styles

Welcome once again to our Sunday Studio Days Series!  With local businesses opening up this week, the Gallery is also preparing itself to resume operations, by ensuring the necessary precautions are in place to help serve you best.  Exact details and dates to be announced soon, so stay tuned! 

This week we'll be exploring the Studio of Gallery Artist Catherine Bagnell Styles. 
NEW! Catherine Bagnell Styles, "Clement's Field", oil on board, 12" x 12"
Catherine is an artist who loves colour, texture, character and light in places, people and paintings. Her paintings are usually colourful and optimistic. Landscapes, Streetscapes and the occasional still life are often the subject matter of choice.

A work in progress, the extention of Catherine's Studio under construction...

"I have a beautiful studio on the water. It has electricity but isn’t insulated and so, can’t really be heated. It is however 100% charming..."

What a view! Lots of natural light for painting, and the ocean for inspiration...

"...In the winter, I have to move everything that can’t freeze - paint, finishes etc. up to the house and find space to paint for the winter (ie fitting stuff into spare bedroom)."

The show must go on...The interior of Catherine's temporary home studio. 

"Last year, Dorian did some damage to the studio and we needed to do some repairs. We had our version of the ‘big lift’ and we moved ‘her’ back a bit. We also reinforced with concrete and...the big news...began planning to add a piece on that would be insulated so I could paint here year-round. The new piece will also give me room to paint larger pieces." 

Interior view of Catherine's Studio

"This weekend, we moved everything from the house back into the studio. The new room is sooooooo close. By next weekend, I should be able to ‘get to it’." - Catherine Bagnell Styles

Catherine Bagnell Styles, "Farmhouse", 12" x 12", acrylic on board

To see more more Catherine's work, follow the link to our FLICKR page HERE

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