Sunday, June 14, 2020


Welcome once again to our Sunday Studio Days Series. We hope everyone's had a great week!  For those of you who follow the Gallery, you will no doubt be familiar with the work of Artist Kim Danio.

Kim's pieces are all made from second-hand footwear and other recycled materials. She draws inspiration from everyday objects, animals, people, and surroundings; her interests and memories are reflected in the work she creates...

Before and After...Kim Danio "Kitchenmaid Mixer", made from re-purposed shoes and recycled materials.

Let's take a moment now to explore the creative space of this wonderful and talented Artist;

Inside the Artists' studio...with an inspirational quote from Pablo Picasso!

"In the run of any day I spend hours in my studio. Not just to work. My studio serves as home to my pet dwarf rabbit, a place to read, hang with my dogs, journal, watch Netflix, to enjoy my many collections, dollhouses and treasures. I find peace, and comfort in my space. And usually I find it is a great place of inspiration and productivity."

Kim carefully organizes her artist materials for easy access...

"...That is until the corona virus struck... In fairness I had begun a period of reflection about my work. I began to have a doubt about my medium and themes. Sometimes I like to take time in between highly productive intense periods of my art creation to let new ideas wash over me..."

Kim's Studio is surrounded by art.  A creative space designed to motivate and inspire!

"...I often find those times of quiet and reflection very rejuvenating and I can see the impact it has on my practice and next body of work. Sometimes the act of not creating gives new life to works I hadn’t ever considered. It gives me a chance to take my work in a new direction. But during this virus lockdown I seemed to have walked away from my studio and my daily shoe and purse art practice..."

Just your typical day at the office...

 "...I began focusing on all the rooms, drawers, closets and cupboards that felt disorganized and chaotic. I replaced my feeling of lack of control about the virus and Nova Scotia tragedies with something I could control – tidying up. I felt drained of creative inspiration so I instead focused my energy on completing tasks."

Kim's studio-mate "Honey Lemon" providing support and encouragement.

"While it is sad in some ways it has been good for me as well. Given we all have had to spend so much time in our homes mine now feels calming. I used my creativity to decorate places in my home. I also spent time learning to paint with oil paint. My creativity came through even when I wasn't encouraging it."

Kim Danio, "Anne of Green Gables", re-purposed handbag, mixed media, 11" x 10" x 5" 

"Now with the warm days upon us and some lessening of virus restrictions I hope I can find my way back in to the studio. I am excited to see where this all takes me!!" - KIM DANIO

Kim Danio, Jim Henson and Opera, mixed media, approx. 9" x 5" x 2"

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