Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Feathered Friends Looking for Forever Homes

Hello there! Today is another wintery day here in Nova Scotia, but at least there is art to enjoy online anytime (provided the power stays on...fingers crossed!)  

We are still excited to be showcasing our Pre-Shrunk 2021 show, where all the works are 4" x 5" and are just $175 each-- which you can enjoy in it's entirety  HERE. 

We gathered up some of our feathered friends from the show, that are still looking for their forever homes for this blog post. Speaking of homing, check out these pigeon paintings by Chantel Elysia!

But wait....there's another pigeon painting too! This one is by Susan Gilson!  We love seeing how everyone approaches a similar subject so differently! Coo Coo Cool!

Because it's a storm day today, this HARPY is appropriate! In Greek mythology and Roman mythology, a harpy is a half-human and half-bird personification of storm winds.This watercolour and ink original by Jessica Peatman has an old-world fantasy vibe, like something you may discover in an illustrated manuscript from long ago....

Speaking of birds of storms or winter, has anyone noticed there are quite a few more cardinals around at the feeders these days? We love this hand-beaded and felted work by Chelsea Legge. So brilliantly coloured and filled with texture.

These rainbow like bird darlings flew all the way from Ontario to be part of the show! They would like to nest in Nova Scotia! Just look at those colours!  These paintings are by Christopher Hall. TWEET! So Sweet!

Speaking of colourful birds, check out this PAPER COLLAGE work by the artist known as "zanahoy".  So much fine paper and collage work happening here lately! This one is best enjoyed in person to appreciate the intricacies and detail. 

Here's another work on paper- by Jodie Hansen. Many of you know Jodie as our pop-culture card maker extraordinaire, but she always looks forward to participating in Pre-Shrunk each year to showcase her watercolour and ink drawing skills. Such a fanciful bird in flight!

Love them or hate them, crows are part of our lives and certainly grab the attention of many of our artists year after year. These two paintings are by Cathy Cusack and were late arrivals, so they didn't get noticed as much as we think they should have. Come see this duet in person soon!


Cawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!  Swoop on by the gallery soon and see what you can see. We are open for in-person art enjoyment each week  Wednesday- Saturday 11am-5:30pm, and can also be open for special appointments. Find us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram too for daily art posts to brighten your days!