Thursday, February 18, 2021

Pre-Shrunk 2021 is WUNDER - ful!

 Just as our little Pre-Shrunk 2021 show was beginning, we got an unexpected and exciting message from the good folks at WUNDER- a fabulous award winning creative agency right here in Halifax! They loved the idea of our small art show and just so happened to have two very teeny tiny billboards on hand.

They had received them from a past client and wasn't really sure how to implement them into a project until this little show came along! We are so thankful that they reached out to us with their brilliant ideas! This campaign showcased our Pre-Shrunk 2021 exhibit to a broader and diverse audience and our participating artists are thrilled!

WUNDER photographed  and filmed these little art billboards around town and they even posted up miniature posters around the city! Have you seen them in the wild? 

We hope to work with them again on another artful project this year, but also would like to highly recommend them if you are looking to get your message out creatively and really stand out from the crowds with your own business or unique idea!  

THANK YOU SO MUCH are wonderful indeed and this was such a thoughtful and creative way to support our small business and so many artists at the same time too.

 HOORAY FOR COMMUNITY!  Keep helping and supporting one another during these strange and challenging times, and always folks, wherever you may be!.

CHECK OUT THIS GREAT VIDEO by WUNDER  below and make sure to pop by the gallery soon to see the show of  small art or visit it online! Each piece in the Pre-Shrunk show is 4"x5", and sells for $175. They are made by artists from all over Canada and there is such a variety in mediums and approaches.