Friday, February 26, 2021

Orange you glad it's Friday!

 As PreShrunk winds down this weekend, we'd like to share some fun citrus inspired art which we're sure you'll find "ap-peeling". You can also view the full exhibition online HERE       

Let's "shoot the squeeze", and start things off with these "orange-inal" paintings by Sarah Sehl.  

Sarah Sehl, Blood Orange Pile, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Sarah Sehl, Anthocyanin, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Sarah Sehl, Orange Cappucino, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Now that we've got your creative juices flowing, here's another "orange-ment" of citrusy goodness from first-time PreShrunk contributor Myndi Arsenault;

Myndi Arsenault, Clementine, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Beat the daily "rind", and treat yourself to one of these zesty delights by gallery artist George Spencer;

George Spencer, Clementine and Sugar, 5" x 4", oil on canvas on board

George Spencer, Study of 3 Clementines, 4" x 5", oil on canvas on board 

No matter how you "juice" it, "squeeze" the most out of your weekend, and drop by the Gallery and check out some amazing art.  Keep your eyes "peeled" for some exciting new items in March... 

Featured artworks are available for purchase, and priced at $175 + HST (each). For details, contact us at (902) 425-9456, or via email at