Friday, September 9, 2022

Back to School Basics

It's that time of year again!

Time to gather your notebooks and set up your dorm, and we have all the essentials.


Art Print - Amy Crosby

Skip the basic posters everyone will have in their room... You are original, so you deserve original art prints! We have so many local artists prints and affordable original art available to browse. So you can curate a space that is originally YOU!

Moths - Briana Corr Scott

North End Halifax - Janna Wilton

Selkies - Erin Hollingshead

Maybe posters are not for you.... Maybe your looking for something a little more functional? How about a lamp made from bicycle parts! Believe me this is the most satisfying lamp to turn on and off... Come into the gallery and try it for yourself.

Bicycle Lamps - William Rudolph

• Backpack Bling •

Our favourite way to show off your personal style is PINS...and we have plenty.

Bottle Cap Pins - Kassandra Lois
$h!t Embroidery Pin - Amber Solberg

Hand Painted Buttons - Natasha Krzyzewski

• Night Out Necklaces •

We know a new school can be hard... Making new friends and meeting new people can be difficult and we know you want to impress, so what better way then to show off with a HANDMADE necklace!

Fruit Embroidery Necklace - Yoko White
Custom Cat Embroidery Necklace - Yoko White

These and SO MUCH MORE is waiting for you at Argyle Fine Art. Stop by and check out all the possibilities for your back to school shopping.

1559 Barrington Street

We can't wait to see you ♥