Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Finding Joy

Oh summer, here and gone too quickly as always. Let us reminisce on that summer feeling with a new art showcase! "Finding Joy" by Catherine Bagnell Styles is a collection of 26 paintings she created over the summer months, featuring things that spark joy in her life.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - Pitcher Perfect, Oil on Canvas, 20"x20"

We love seeing paintings in process like this one below....isn't it neat to see how the paintings develop?!

Tea and Pears - Process
Tea and Pears - Process

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Tea and Pears, Oil on Board, 8"x10"

This body of work is Catherine's first solo showcase with us at Argyle Fine Art. During her summer of painting, Catherine took workshops with artist Tim McGuire who pushed her to study still life. This style of painting is featured heavily in this new collection.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - Waterlilies

Along with afternoon tea and a good book, Catherine finds joy in colours. She paints beautiful coastal images, lily ponds and market scenes. Her style creates the impression of what is there.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - East Side Ketch
Catherine Bagnell Styles - Tilted

We are overjoyed to have this collection in the gallery for September.
Hopefully you got a chance to pop by the gallery and see all these beautiful works in person. If not you can check out the entire show ONLINE

The show will be on display in the gallery until October 8th.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - Ceramic Bowl

Thanks to all the fans and friends that have seen the show so far! YAY!