Saturday, March 10, 2012

After Meatnite! : Certainly Cinnamon gets inspired by our Current Shows!

It's not everyday you see....a "Meat Clock" but it certainly was a topic of conversation at last night's opening for Gordon MacDonald and Andrea Saint-Pierre's shows, which also coincided with this weekend's time change.No one will forget to SPRING ahead with this handy-dandy meat clock.  We snapped this shot quickly, as it wasn't long before the numbers started to disappear. They were delicious!

Certainly Cinnamon is a wonderful caterer to work with, and lately they have taken to theming a part of their catering specific to our shows. We can only imagine  what will be next!  By the way, the numbers on the clock were made by using the back of magnetic numbers you may have found on your fridge years ago...used as cookie cutters. Such a great idea! It made many people chuckle.

By the way, Gordon and Andrea's shows will be online VERY SOON....check the website in about an hour or so at ...

Happy Daylight Saving's Time! See you at the gallery!