Saturday, March 3, 2012


In correlation with the Titanic’s 100th anniversary,  Argyle Fine Art will be launching its latest exhibition, titled  “PAPER THREADS” This collection of locally crafted paper dolls will depict fashions from the early 1900’s and more. Submissions are welcome from artists of all backgrounds!! If you’re in the fine arts, fine crafts, animation, graphic, or fashion design… we want to see your interpretation of this project! Please read our submission guidelines, and start creating!
Submission guidelines:
- Artists may submit any number of paper dolls/ outfits
-  Works must be original, hand crafted, and created using ARCHIVAL paper.
- Dolls can be rendered in any medium: paint, ink, watercolour, graphite, collage, etc…
- Dolls can be created in any size (within reason, and consideration for our display space)
- Works should somehow reflect the period/fashion of the Titanic. Our focus here is really on    
   fashion/clothing ... meaning, a full figure (body) is not necessarily required.
- We ask that you cut out your paper doll before submitting, don’t forget to include some tabs :)   
- DO NOT frame, mount or put hanging devices on the backs of your works. We want to be able to         
   display these pieces in Vintage trunks.
- Please make sure your works are signed (either on the front or the back)
- DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS APRIL 6TH. So get cracking folks!!! That’s only one month away! 

To submit your creation/s, simply send jpegs of your completed work/s to
If submitting via photo is not possible, then drop by the gallery between 10am-5:30, Tuesday through Saturday with your completed piece/s. All submissions will be reviewed by our Jury. Artists will be sent a notice on their application shortly after the submission deadline on April 6th.

Pricing will be determined by the artist, with assistance from the gallery.
Show opens Saturday, April 14th at 2pm.

Please feel free to call or email anytime! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.