Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We're just a wee little independent business, and any kind of theft is extra hurtful to our ability to operate successfully. Some of you may have heard that when I opened up the gallery this morning, I noticed that BOTH our hand painted entrance signs had disappeared. Not nice. These signs are the beacons that allow passerbys to see that we're here, we're open, and we'd love a visit. This is really important stuff!! 

Anyhow, now the plot has thickened. I quickly adjusted the text on our very last hand painted sign by Nick Brunt (using fancy computer paper) and put it out in front of the gallery. As Adriana and I were discussing the sadness of the signage theft, someone stole the THIRD SIGN, in broad daylight, with heavy pedestrian traffic. Surely, SOMEONE must have seen this happen?! 
We're baffled now.
Someone is playing a mean trick on us, and it's not fun. 
Please return our signs.. they mean a lot to us. 

These images posted are of ONE of our signs - the other two are blue wooden signs that are painted by Nick Brunt. They say "Hell yeah, We're Open!" "Sorry, We're Closed" and "Show On Now"