Saturday, March 31, 2012

HELLO AND WELCOME TO OUR PAINTING A DAY SERIES! Our first featured work is by Dennis Reid

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday to you all!  Today seems like an unlikely day to start a series as such, but there's no day like the present I suppose.

After chatting with a friend on a warm summer-like day the other day (remember THAT day!), it dawned on me that we need to do more on our blog to get you to follow us along and share our posts with others....So if you like what you see in this series of posts about some wonderful works by our amazing artists, please re-post, Pinterest it, Twitter it..basically share the great art that's all around us. enough chatter...on with the painting of the day!

Today's painting is a NEW one to of yesterday. It comes to us from an artist from New Brunswick, Dennis Reid.  As soon as these arrived, there was suddenly a lot more people stopping in their tracks outside our gallery window...and no wonder. Dennis brought us a grouping of new works, but I thought this one would be wonderful to share with you all, as it speaks SPRING! As one viewer said, you can " smell the earth and hear the water and feel the air in this one".

This work is called "Overflow"  It measures  32" x 34" many of you may not know, Argyle Fine Art is always happy to work on payment plans customized for now everyone can own original art. Call us at 902-425-9456 or email us if you have any questions about this work at