Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Painting A Day: April 18th, David McKay

Today's painting is by the great David McKay, who lives in our neighboring province, New Brunswick. On David's most recent trip to Nova Scotia, he graced us with a 
series of beautiful new pieces.

" The Sun Came Out" 17" x 23" egg tempera on board $4800

David uses egg tempera to create luminous and glowing works 
in a way that only tempera can produce:

"In tempera paintings, myriads of tiny brushstrokes layer together, each one revealing something of the colours beneath. When the paint hardens into a uniform surface, the painting flows as light plays off each translucent brushstroke. This technique has been admired for its inner radiance for centuries and due to the stability and durability of the paint examples from the 1st century AD are still extant" - David McKay  

It's days like these that we all need a little more sun in our lives, and in this painting we find a beauty that is both somber and hopeful.