Monday, April 2, 2012

Painting A Day Series: Shelley Mitchell's Night Hawks

Welcome to the third painting, in our "Painting A Day Series". From here on in, we hope to post the Painting of the Day each day by 11:30am...just in time for you to take a look online, and if in the area, to drop by Argyle Fine Art and see the featured painting in person.

Today's feature is called Halifax Nighthawks by Shelley Mitchell. It's probably one of the most well-loved and talked-about paintings at the gallery that  needs a great home. Although, we admit...we'll miss it when it's gone. Do you know where this painting depicts (hint- Halifax scene)?

Shelley was inspired by Edward Hopper's work and that iconic painting Hopper's Nighthawks. (see below)  Like this painting, Shelley is capturing a mood and a feeling of a city and what it feels like to live in it,and to view it at night. Like Hopper's painting, the  building  in Shelley's painting is  iconic as well- and is now under development. We look forward to how this development progresses, as it is close to where our old gallery site was for many years. Many nights we walked past this very scene-and it felt like we were in this painting.