Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painting A Day Series: Number Four is by Kathy Richards

To anyone from the Halifax area, or those of you that love wonderful vintage clothing....you may recognize the place depicted in this small and delightful painting by Kathy Richards-who loves painting the city.  Springtime is a great time to walk along Spring Garden Road and then turn onto Queen Street, where you can see this painting in "real life"..not to mention say hello to our friends at Encore Clothing, Elsies and  the Clotheshorse (and soon another new store-front for Put Me On coming soon to the old Back Pages Bookstore.)  I highly recommend checking these places out-you can find quite the gems there.

This little painting captures the special quality of Halifax, with it's interesting shops inside brightly painted historic houses. Come see this little painting in person at Argyle Fine Art.

It's just a wee one, painted on canvas. Measuring just 5" x 7" and called "Seconds First at Queens"