Monday, April 8, 2013

....and the NAME OF THE SQUID IS......(drumroll please!)

Just in case you didn't hear, we have a WINNING NAME for the SQUID that hangs in our gallery window by the fabulous felt artist Angela Penton....and we'd love for you to drop by and shake hands (tentacles?) 

The Squid's name is...... ART FELTMAN!

We received close to 100 name suggestions by the end of it all via email, this blog, Twitter, in-person drop-in's and of course, the beloved Facebook.

Here are just some of the name suggestions we received for your reading pleasure! Thanks to all for your creative names and cooperation on this!

 Leroy Brown-Nicole Squidman- Edgar-Professor Ink-Cecaelia-McBlinky-Billy the Squid-Verne(after Jules Verne) - Sid the Squid, Halimiri, Herman, Bob Kraken, Mert, Cal A. Mari (and many versions of this :-) Squidsworth-Lunch- Coco Les Legs-Tickleworth- Alphonzo-Calimerenge Caliente- Sefla O'Pod- Kit Hulu-Gary Calamari-Glover-Cassandra- Norbert Deliah-Seablade-Squishy-Squirt- Ika-chan- Bibby Inky-Pentacles-Barrington-Nautilus-Reefer-Talula-Argus-Wallace-Cedric-Marley and more!   

Wow!!  That was FUN!