Monday, April 1, 2013

Art makes people HAPPY!

We've met so many of you over the years....people that are grinning from ear to ear, for the love of art!  That's why we always try to have a selection of art for everyone; different styles of artwork, emerging to established artists and all price ranges- and shipping made easy!  Some people stumble upon our gallery, not planning on making a just happens. A happy accident! A work of art stops them in their tracks and they can't bear to live without it.

Sometimes...they purchase their FIRST work of original artwork! That's the most exciting time of all, especially when the collector is young!
This young fellow  found the perfect work of art by emerging artist Nick Brunt!
 Other folks caught the "addictive art bug" years ago and keep collecting and adding to their collection; following and supporting a favourite artist.  Some need to refresh a space or bring life to a workplace-whatever the reason, ART is powerful.

An avid collector of art and an artist himself, this fine fellow is happy to be adding to his collection of Gordon MacDonald artworks!

Do YOU remember your first original work of art you brought home? Tell US about your love of art! We'd love to feature your story on our blog!

Perhaps you haven't experienced owing original artwork yet, but remember that at Argyle Fine Art, we are always happy to make it possible through flexible payment plans or through our Lease-to-Own Program (more info on that here:

Robyn's Boat, Oil on Linen, Gordon MacDonald, 2012