Friday, April 5, 2013

NAME THAT SQUID! (Contest ends tomorrow)

It's your last chance folks! Time to enter our contest towards a $50 gift certificate by submitting a great name for our not so little squid! So far, entries include names such as Slippy, Squirt, 
Leroy Brown, Billy the Squid, Ika Chan, and many others. 
What say you then, can this squid be named? Entries can be submitted via the comment 
section below this post, or through our facebook event page. 

This giant squid is finely crafted by the talented Angela Penton, it includes flexible tentacles, and of course, a squid tooth. He's (she's?) is priced at $800 - Incredible considering the work involved.. but he/she is, for the time being, nameless... HALP! 

Winner will be chosen tomorrow before 5:30pm.