Monday, April 22, 2013


Happy Earth Day! 

Today is a special day to remind us  to keep the Earth safe and keep it as green and clean as we can- even the simplest and easiest things make a huge difference. We can all help by re-using and re-purposing, recycling and composting.

Many of Argyle Fine Art's artists are wonderful at re-purposing! Such artists include Ed Beals and his robots made from household items and old machinery parts.  Emma and Liam Travers, two of the youngest artists at Argyle Fine Art, make jewellery from unused LEGO pieces and parts. Jenna Molenar creates stunning jewellery from bicycle parts and chains and Amy Belanger creates ceramic jewelry using broken china. Mary Garoutte paints tiny wearable  paintings that fit inside the inside of a bottle cap!  Many of our artists work on  recycled paper to create their works and even some of the frames are reused and made from reclaimed wood. Artist Chris Wallace  paints with egg of the oldest mediums used in painting, where you mix egg white and naturally occurring pigments to create masterpieces!   ...and that's just SOME of the amazing work being created using objects that would otherwise be tossed away. Artists bring LIFE to our daily lives.

We even have artists who paint outside and embrace nature to it's fullest, such as Mark Brennan. Mark is also a sound artist and a film maker, with his focus being the natural world and all it's splendor.Here's a recent painting by Mark that will be featured in his solo show, opening June 14th at Argyle Fine Art.