Wednesday, January 8, 2014

HIGH TIME for ART at HIGH NOON: Gregg Tracey

If you haven't already noticed, we're in full swing of HIGH NOON at NOON again! From now until January 15th, we'll be once again be doing HIGH NOON at NOON...where we will be featuring ONE piece of art at HIGH NOON that will be priced at a special price but for just 24 hours! The works selected for these days, are works that the gallery and artist that created them feel is some of their best works...but haven't found a home yet. We'd like to introduce you to these works and hope that some of them find a home with you.

Today's HIGH NOON at NOON is by artist Gregg Tracey. This original print by Gregg Tracey is so beautifully done. Gregg's attention to detail never ceases to amaze, especially in carving and printing works like these, with so much attention to detail and a true love of what he makes. This work would make the most wonderful, meaningful gift for the upcoming Valentine's Day...just around the corner. 

This work is called "Yin and Yang" , lino cut print, by Gregg Tracey. The actual image measures 6" across (circumference, as it's a circular image) but with the frame the measurements are 11" x 11", 125/250 edition.


Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON this work is priced at $175. After that time, it will all go back to it's  original price of $275.

Actual work for sale is edition 125/250.  This image is to show detail of the print without the frame.