Thursday, January 23, 2014

PRE-SHRUNK 2014 Preview #7 and #8: Adrienne Godbout and Mary Garoutte

The BIG day of SMALL ART is almost upon us....and we've been working like crazy to get everything hung, catalogued, photographed! Phew!  Still so much to do, but we're almost there! The show opens tomorrow, Friday, January 24th, 7-9pm. Voucher HOLDERS ONLY to arrive between 5pm-7pm

Here are two sneak peeks to keep you going until tomorrow....we'll release two more tomorrow for a total of 10 PRE-SHRUNK Previews and then you'll be able to see them all online on Saturday afternoon.

Preview # 7  is actually made up of seven parts, although you can buy just one work or maybe two , or three , or get the point. These works are acrylic on canvas, by Adrienne Godbout.

Seven Pre-Shrunks by Adrienne Godbout

Detail of one of the seven pieces, each measuring 4" x 5" by Adrienne Godbout
Preview #8 comes to us from artist Mary Garoutte. These paintings are not what we have come to know Mary for here at Argyle Fine Art....but that's another great thing about this show. Artists are free to explore new subjects or just do something they have wanted to do to get the creative juices flowing for the season of art ahead.  We love all of her submitted works for this show, but here is a sample of one real beauty.

The piece is called "Pulse Cloud", 4" x 5", oil on board, Mary Garoutte.