Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PRE-SHRUNK 2014 Preview #5: Kazue Leeming

PRE-SHRUNK 2014 is almost upon us, opening on Friday, January 24th, 7pm. This will be the 10th year for hosting this show that features miniature paintings...but with a twist. All the works MUST measure just 4" x 5" and are all priced at $175. Check here each day to see a new sneak peek into the show. All works will be online at www.argylefineart.com after the show has opened!

TONIGHT we decided to add another PREVIEW...just in case we are powerless tomorrow, from the storm that is approaching us here in Nova Scotia and we can't upload a sneak in the morning...

The fifth PRE-SHRUNK Preview is by artist Kazue Leeming, who is an artist we have only just met for this show, but we think you may be seeing more work by Kazue as time goes on. Kazue has two works in the show, but we thought we'd show you this one. It's rare we come across such wonderful painted figurative work. Again, to do this on a small scale is very impressive. It is painted with oil on board.