Thursday, February 18, 2016

A little SPRING back in your step!

Can you feel it in the air? Spring is a month away but over the last few days we've been treated to some very Spring-like weather. The winds of change are blowing through, the ground is softening and releasing it's earthy perfumes, and the snow, oh the snow is succeeding to temperatures that hover around zero.

In the gallery this of course means our animal friends are beginning to grow restless and stir awake from their winter sleep. Why just this morning I encountered a family of bunnies, they seemed to have multiplied over night...

Bunnies, Basil Doucette, Folk Carving

Bunnies, Basil Doucette, Folk Carving

 Speaking of multiplying, we'd also like to give a warm welcome to some fawns who are just starting to find their legs in the gallery.

Fawn, Catherine Otto, Embroidery

Fawn, Bronwyn Arundel, Ceramic

We also scouted this skulk of foxes roaming around the back corner of the gallery. Just look at that sweet little face! Our prickly friend Mr Porcupine has also emerged, and I'll be dam-ed if that isn't the cutest beaver I've ever seen.

Foxes, Basil Doucette, Folk Carving

Porcupine, Basil Doucette, Folk Carving
Beaver, Bronwyn Arundel, Ceramic

Our wise old owl friends have also woken up and are surveying the scene, checking out the new creatures in the forest and beyond.

Owl Vessel and Owl Figurine, Bronwyn Arundel, Ceramic

And what's this? Now I'm not sure if sloths or narwhals are native to Nova Scotia, but we do have workshops coming up for these guys in March! Check them out by clicking on the photos below:

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