Saturday, February 13, 2016

Netflix in Miniature: Damien Webb

Today is the official last day of Pre-Shrunk 2016 show, but we thought we'd share just a few more highlights from the show before the days end. Also, we should mention that we'll be   e x t e n d i n g  the show until the end of next there's still time to pick up a unique small work of art!

Part of the reason we love the Pre-Shrunk show so much is that it also puts a spotlight on actual miniature artist Damien Webb who makes miniature a way of life! He creates everything from simple materials- box board, clay, wood and found objects. For this year's show Damien decided to create shadow box works that hang  on the wall, that reference popular movies.Take a look and see how many of these movies you have seen! You can always watch or revisit them on Netflix through the Winter months.

Can you guess what movie this work is paying homage to?  HINT: Royale with Cheese

Look at the delicious Hawaiian Burger...nom nom's PULP FICTION!
This is from a very popular movie from the 1980s starring  Bill Murray.."Who ya gonna Call?"

Of course, no grouping of movie homages could go without the Horror genre!

But gore and humour are great together, like in this movie featuring Ash. HINT: GROOVY
This piece is Dinosaur-iffic! HINT:  Like a Walk in a park...filed with beasts

HINT: Hey....Han Solo- looking for this? 
We hope you enjoyed guessing what each piece references and make sure to drop by and give these little guys another look! Remember, you can see the entire PRE-SHRUNK 2016 show HERE!

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