Saturday, February 6, 2016

CAW CAW CAWlling all Bird Lovers: Pre-Shrunk 2016

Birds are always a favourite subject for many artists to paint, especially crows or black birds since they are in such abundance this time of here around these parts. Pre-Shrunk show continues until February 13th (they make wonderful Valentine gifts), so make sure to drop by the gallery in person and see the show or visit it online HERE
Crow Alone, 4" x 5",Acrylic on Mylar mounted on board,  by Anne Clattenburg
Three Crows, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Mylar mounted on board, by Anne Clattenburg

Crow On, 4" x 5", Oil and Resin on Canvas board, by Karla Frew

First Sign of a Storm, 4" x 5"Acrylic and Ink on board by Paula Fredericks
Meeting at the Clearing, 4" x 5", Acrylic and Ink on Board by Paula Fredericks
And then of course, there are other birds out there in the Roosters and Chickens....they chirp and cluck a lot too...
Rockin' Rooser, 4" x 5",Oil on canvas by Gillian Donald
Chicken, 4" x 5", Rughooking by Mary Ledger
Chirp,4" x 5" Oil on Canva by Cathy Little

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