Monday, February 8, 2016

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR- We're seeing RED at Pre-Shrunk 2016

Today is the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year and we're celebrating the day with a few works from our Pre-Shrunk 2016 show that also feature the colour RED- a colour of good fortune and love (subtle mention that Valentine's Day is on February 14th this year...)

Did you know that "to the Chinese, red represents good fortune, and so around the New Year the color can be seen everywhere in Chinese cities: red lanterns hang in doorways; red paper cutouts adorn windows. And a staple of the holiday: red envelopes called hongbao in Mandarin, or lai see in Cantonese, are filled with cash and given by married people to children, unmarried relatives and friends, and employees. The sum is typically an even number, and it shouldn’t contain the number four, which is considered unlucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for death.

"The Making Hand- Brocade", 4" x 5", Oil and mixed media on board, Robin Jensen

Window Box 1, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Canvas by Lynn Johnson

In the Parking Lot Behind the Candy Store, 4" x 5", Oil on canvas by Sarah Jones

City Levels 5, 4" x 5", Oil on Board by Caitlin McGuire

Five Islands Treasure House, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Board by Kathy Richards

Red 1971 Pick-Up Truck, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Board (with glow in the dark headlights!) by Andy MacDonald
Start your new NEW YEAR off with luck and good fortune and lots of art with the colour RED!