Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hint #3 in our Art Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

Goodafternoon! Have you heard we are hosting a daily ART SCAVENGER HUNT opportunity, where we are either hiding things outside for you to find or asking you to participate in more online sorts of scavenger tasks! Yesterday we heard from a few of you, and saw your wonderful summer photos like this one submitted by Maureen Boudreau. Thanks so much for sharing!


Today, our HINT #3 is a bit more simple. We have hidden a little something OUTSIDE, in plain sight and near-by the gallery. The Hint is simple:  " I am bright red and hold your creativity inside me for awhile, before it's sent all over the world each day" What am I?

You'll find a special something waiting there...Happy Hunting! Hope to see you soon!