Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Honey, I Shrunk the Carnival!

The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of all the fun and games! Here at the gallery, we are having all kinds of fun lately with the arrival of the wild and wondrous fair: Teensyland! 

Bumper Cars, Mixed Media, Damien Webb
If you think you're too big for carnival rides, you're right. You ARE too big (in this case), because Teensyland is a miniature fun fair. You likely couldn't fit even your smallest toe into any of the rides! Each piece in this show was meticulously created using a knife, glue, and paper matte board by artist Damien Webb.

Ticket Booth, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

Damien describes the work in his show:

Teensyland: a magical world of fun and excitement that fits in the palm of your hand! Enjoy a hot dog by the pier, witness the expansive view from the top of the Ferris Wheel, or experience an exhilarating ride on the world famous Molecule Mountain! There's something for everyone to enjoy at the worlds tiniest world of wonder..."

Popcorn, Mixed Media, Damien Webb
Rick's Pickles, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

Kiddie Copter, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

The tiniest of details are what make Damien's work so charming and realistic to the point it is hard not to wish you could shrink down to fit inside the Kiddie Copter or Yellow Submarine. It feels so tempting to order a hot dog from the Hot Dog truck where teeny tiny condiment bottles sit waiting on the counter. 

Hot Dog Truck, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

The amount of focus and patience required to capture such detail on a minute scale is almost unfathomable. On his Instagram account Damien provides snapshots of pieces in-progress that offer a glimpse of all the work that goes into creating his miniatures. It's quite fascinating to the beginning stages of some of the pieces!

Hot Dog Truck, in progress

Gravitron, in progress

Gravitron, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

Fortune Teller, in progress

Fortune Teller, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

Damien's work is best appreciated in person, so come swing by the gallery to check out the show! We had a lot of fun installing the show , and even used fake grass to help transform the gallery into a mini fun park :)

Cotton Candy and Popcorn, Mixed Media, Damien Webb

If you're not able to make it to the gallery, you can view the entire show online here.