Thursday, June 20, 2019

ARTIST PROFILE: Catherine Bagnell-Styles, "New World Meets Old World" to July 9

Catherine Bagnell Styles brings a vibrant new exhibition of colorful landscapes to Argyle Fine Art.   "New World Meets Old World"   showcases seven new paintings for your viewing pleasure.  

This new body of work transports us back to an earlier time when impressionistic sensibilities took center stage.

You can view the exhibition online HERE

Catherine Bagnell Styles, "Headed To Salty Rose", acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14 inches

"My paintings are impressionistic. I try to give enough information to suggest what’s happening with the story on the canvas but invite the viewer to fill in the blanks and add their own story to my story. It’s one of the reasons I paint often with palette knife. It keeps me from getting into the detail too much and I love the texture it creates." 

Catherine Bagnell Styles, from the Artist Statement, 2019

Catherine Bagnell Styles "North Park", acrylic on canvas board, 10 x 6 inches

Catherine explores her love of plein air painting with thick applications of paint, building textures over the painting's surface with a palette knife.  Colour combinations are carefully chosen and bring each work to life, capturing both the light and warmth of summer.  Catherine takes us a trip to some of her favorite places, both local and abroad.  Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, and Serres (France) are all depicted in this series.  "New World Meets Old World" has something to offer everyone, and continues to July 9.  Don't miss it!   


Catherine Bagnell Styles is a Halifax-based artist who loves colour, texture, character and light in and places. Her influences include impressionism, fauvism and a number of Canadian artists, including David Lacey, Rod Charlesworth and Mike Svob.  

Her creative career has been in marketing, communications and advertising and has focused on story-telling and engagement. Catherine's Artistic endeavours have always played an important part in her life.

Her work can be found in private collections throughout Canada and the US. 

Artwork available for purchase through Argyle Fine Art.  For inquiries contact the gallery,
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