Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Let there be LIGHT!

A few weeks ago, many members of the business community in downtown Halifax took to the streets for the 16th Annual Clean Sweep! It's a great event hosted by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission that not only cleans up the area but brings people together.

This year a few of our re-purposer artists were there to accept any neat findings the teams brought back that could be upcycled into art. One team headed up by Cambridge Suites and lead by "Mr. Clean" and his Magic Erasers-  found an abandoned firehouse connector from the city. Of course, all the artists were excited by this find, especially artist William Rudolph- who often uses pieces of metal in his artwork.

"Mr. Clean" handing over the found metal from his CLEAN SWEEP finds, to artist Ed Beals.
"Rudy" as we call Bill, brought the metal piece back to life and thought it would make a fine lamp base and we couldn't agree more!

Just look at this beauty! It's pretty remarkable what can happen when we re-use things all around us and add them back,  opposed to sending them to the landfill. Thanks to everyone that participated in Clean Sweep and to the DHBC for having our artists take part. See you again next year!