Friday, May 10, 2019

Deb Bromley "Beach Stories" Now Showing to June 4th

Deb Bromley has been represented by Argyle Fine Art since 2017. She has also participated in the Gallery's “Sky Ocean Sand”, “Hygge”, and “Pre Shrunk” exhibitions.  

“Beach Stories“ explores the relationships people have with the ocean, and the themes of modern leisure and relaxation.

The exhibition includes 9 new paintings from the artists' studio.  The bright cool colours of the sky and ocean, are combined with the warmer tones of sandy beaches, to evoke memories of a beloved summer pastime.

You can view the exhibition online HERE

Portrait of the artist, Deb Bromley (2019)

A lover of the ocean and of observing people, both figure prominently in her work. Painting in a whimsical style with a nod to the Impressionists she loves, she works to capture a glimpse into the special moments of everyday life.

Deb Bromley, "Beach Walks", 36" x 24" , acrylic on canvas

Using acrylics, pallet knives and brushes, she weaves her characters into bold colourful narrative stories.

Originally from BC, Deb studied design and art history at Mount Royal College in Calgary, before moving to Nova Scotia in the early 1980s.

Her work has been collected across Canada, the US and internationally.

Deb Bromley creates her colourful paintings from her home studio in Cow Bay, NS.

Deb Bromley, "Shoreline", 16" x 40", acrylic on canva

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As part of their exciting ART ON THE GO series of workshops, Argyle Fine Art is excited to announce their first workshop led by Deb Bromley. Deb loves people watching and in the summer months she draws her inspiration from frequent visits to the beach. So, we thought we'd take you on all on a journey of learning about her practice of narrative art with a drawing and painting workshop-where we'll watch people and learn how to tell YOUR story.

The workshop will take place in the Museum’s courtyard or if the weather is not cooperating, in the second-floor meeting room. The workshop is also presented in partnership with Sievert’s, who provide the cigar boxes used as mobile palettes so you can have your art on the go!

The cost of the workshop is $50.00 and you can book your space by calling Adriana or Andre at the Argyle Fine Art Gallery, 902-425-9456 or by dropping in to 1559 Barrington Street.