Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Raccoon Goes to the Beach & Other Stories from the Art Studios

Drop by on WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm to meet artists Sharon Cave, Deb Bromley and Natasha Grenke as each artist will speak a bit about their new exhibitions and also about their process and deeper meanings behind it all!

The first part of the evening will be a presentation and formal Q&A set up followed by light refreshments and art buying, with any luck. :-) 

See you here? Great! It's a date!

Little Scavengers highlights the importance of critters that work hard to keep our environment tidy... 

“My aim is to encourage people to think differently about the animals we label “scavengers”. These animals are frequently maligned and persecuted for their negative effects on the environment and on us humans, but research has shown that they play an important role in our ecosystem, bringing many benefits to the landscapes that we both share including disease mitigation, agricultural production and waste-disposal services.  We are all anchored to this world and as such our fates are entwined."

-Sharon Cave, 2019

Born in England, Sharon has spent her adult life in Canada. Here she studied graphic design and was engaged commercially for several years before turning to painting as a means to express herself.  Sharon has been featured artist on several occasions and presented her first solo show in 2013.  Her paintings have sold internationally, finding their way to collectors spanning North America and parts of Europe.

 "Beach Stories" and is a whimsical and fun conversation about narrative paintings and people watching... 

Originally from BC, Deb studied design and art history at Mount Royal College in Calgary, before moving to Nova Scotia in the early 1980s.

A lover of the ocean and of observing people, both figure prominently in her work. Painting in a whimsical style with a nod to the Impressionists she loves, she works to capture a glimpse into the special moments of everyday life.  Using acrylics, pallet knives and brushes, she weaves her characters into bold colourful narrative stories.

Deb has been represented by Argyle Fine Art since 2017, and has exhibited in “Sky Ocean Sand”, “Hygge”, and “Pre Shrunk”.  Her recent show “Beach Stories“ explored the relationship that people have with the ocean, and the themes of modern leisure and relaxation.

Her work has been collected across Canada, the US and internationally.
Deb Bromley creates her colourful paintings from her home studio in Cow Bay, NS. 

"No Artificial Flavours or Colours" showcases a new series of watercolours from NSCAD grad Natasha Grenke. The Exhibition explores the artists' obsession with juice boxes - and encourages a conversation about recycling and considering our choices as consumers...

"...By adding vibrant colours and themes of nostalgia, I want to delight my viewers by offering playfulness and humour to reflect on their own experiences, focusing on the small moments of everyday life that are often overlooked. I started the year drawing my used juice boxes that I had been saving for months.
It started off as a simple study of observing colours and light, but soon turned into an obsession.  Drawing each juice box shows me how our society has such a selective vision and fails to recognize how our habits contribute to so much waste and pollution. 

Society is addicted to products that claim to be healthy but are harmful to our bodies and our planet. Through a colourful and fun portrayal of repetition and time based work, No Artificial Flavours or Colours encourages the viewer to have a more conscious lifestyle.” 
-Natasha Grenke, 2019

Natasha Grenke was raised in Edmonton Alberta and currently lives in Nova Scotia. She studied at MacEwan University and received a diploma in Fine Arts.  She recently graduated from NSCAD completing her BFA.

Sharon Cave, Deb Bromley & Natasha Grenke, Artist Talk and Reception, May 22, 2019

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