Friday, May 31, 2019


Kim Floyd, Circus Train, acrylic on board, 6 x 24 inches

Artist and Art Educator Kim Floyd has been exhibiting at Argyle Fine Art since 2014.  Her first solo exhibition "Pantry" opened in November of 2016 and was followed by "Toys Art Us" in 2017.  

Kim Floyd's paintings often draw from her own memories, images that are both dear and familiar to us all.  Her subjects reflect everyday life, and also presents us with sentimental objects of days gone by.

Kim Floyd, "Pocket Camera" and "Chatter Telephone", 6 x 8 inches (each), acrylic on board

  The gallery has been showing some older works in the window over the last few weeks, and has been drawing people in.  You always feel an immediate connection when you see the work, whether it be from a toy we had growing up, or a food item that we associate with a particular time or place.  The paintings tell our story, a shared narrative that connects each of us.  

Kim Floyd, "Homestead", 8 x 8 inches, "Branston Pickles" 6 x 8 inches, "Coachman" 10 x 10 inches, acrylic on board

"As a still-life painter, I find myself drawn to the intricacies of a surface. My paintings are very detailed, playful, colourful and joyful with a hint of fantasy. The surfaces I paint look like the objects I am depicting. The glass looks like glass, plastic looks like plastic, foil looks like foil and fabric looks like fabric. I decided at some point along my artistic journey, that I would paint things as I saw them but with a hint of playfulness. I enjoy working in the way that comes most natural to me."
From the Artist Statement, Kim Floyd, 2019

Kim Floyd is a still life painter of nostalgic childhood memories and stories people willing to share. Her interest lies in the things that make life worth celebrating.

Born in Ottawa, Kim attended The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University) in Halifax in the early 1990s, where she received a Bachelor Arts in Fine Art with a minor in Art History.

Kim has lived in numerous places including Cape Breton and Aroostook County in Maine.  She now lives and paints from her studio in Bedford, NS.  Kim is also the proprietor of Flying Mackeral Studio, where she offers art classes for children and young adults, and painting workshops for all ages.

Kim is currently working on a series of dress paintings that share a story. The dresses are keepsakes, collected, given, share a person’s experience and may even be connected to an event. The paintings will be shown at Argyle Fine Art in September 2019.  Stay tuned for details!!!

Artworks by Kim Floyd are available for purchase through Argyle Fine Art!  For details contact the gallery (902) 425-9456, or via email at