Wednesday, May 29, 2019

We wear our Sunglasses at Night! Eat your hART out!

Excuse our play on words and puns, but if you lived in Canada throughout the 1980s and beyond, you've probably heard of Corey Hart who came into fame for his hit song "Sunglasses at Night".

The owner of the gallery will be attending his show next week here in Halifax, so we thought why not do up our gallery windows with some Corey Hart love and ART! Art is literally IN his name!

Drop by to see our GIANT sunglasses beginning Saturday afternoon made by our very own Andre Dumont- yay! (he actually makes props, how lucky are we).

**If you are an artist or maker of any sort and want to be featured in our windows, we are putting the official call out for any paintings, sketches, digital art and design (typography is great too) etc that celebrates this Canadian pop icon and the overall vibe of the era. Think sunglasses, 80s pop and music, neon colours, Canadiana....have fun with it!!  Listen to his music, take a read through some lyrics...get inspired!**

We need your art by end of day Saturday or at the very latest Tuesday by noon so that Corey can see it along with his adoring fans that will be in the city for the show on Tuesday, June 4th. All ages and experience levels are welcomed! All will be included! If you'd like to just leave a message in our window, you can do that too!

Cool fact: Corey Hart was just recently inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at  the 2019 Junos! Here's a link to an article about that HERE