Thursday, May 9, 2019

Opening Saturday, May 11: Sharon Cave's "Little Scavengers" to June 4

Sharon has been a featured artist at Argyle Fine Art on several occasions and had her first solo show in 2013.  She has participated in several recent juried exhibitions including Canadiana (2014), Preshrunk (2015), as well as being part of the Artist in Residence program in Annapolis Royal (2014).

"Little Scavengers" features 15 new paintings from Sharon's studio.  These Animal Portraits include popular critters from our Urban Ecosystem, ever present and often overlooked in our busy every day lives.  

You can view the exhibition online HERE

Sharon Cave, in her Halifax studio 

“With this body of work, my aim is to encourage people to think differently about the animals we label “scavengers”. These animals are frequently maligned and persecuted for their negative effects on the environment and on us humans, but research has shown that they play an important role in our ecosystem, bringing many benefits to the landscapes that we both share including disease mitigation, agricultural production and waste-disposal services. We need to learn to not only tolerate these animals, but recognize that they are the balance to our ever-expanding human footprint. We are all anchored to this world and as such our fates are entwined."

-Sharon Cave, From the Artist Statement "Little Scavengers", 2019

"A Clever Thief" 12 x 12 inches, oil and metal leaf on panel

The circles used in many of these paintings represent the notion of totality, wholeness and the infinite. The life cycle - nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth - and the cyclical patterns of the food chain, (how the primary sources are consumed by the secondary for energy, the secondary by the tertiary and so on).

"Lazy Afternoon", 11 x 14 inches, oil and metal leaf on wood panel

Born in England, Sharon has spent her adult life in Canada. Here she studied graphic design and was engaged commercially for several years before turning to painting as a means to express herself.  Continuous self-study gives Sharon the freedom to express herself in her work.
While Sharon lives in Halifax, working out of her home studio, her paintings have sold internationally, finding their way to collectors spanning North America and parts of Europe.

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"Little Scavengers" continues to June 4.