Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chatty Catty, Cat Interview : HELLO ELLIOT

Preparations for this Friday's Cat Show titled CAT PERSON are in full swing here at Argyle Fine Art. While we scramble around displaying works that feature CATS CATS CATS, have a sit and enjoy the following interview with Elliot the handsome, who's great pals with artist Paul Hammond:

Hello, Elliot. Could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your 
human Dad?
Hello. I'm a 9 year old gentleman. I'm very quiet. I live with this guy who says his name is Paul [Hammond] but I have no way of verifying that. He's a nice guy and he draws weird things. We've been roommates since I was a baby. He says he makes posters and art, but I mostly see him watching tv. He really like science fiction.. it's embarrassing.

Are you a full time stay-at-home cat, or do you work part time outside of the home?
I work as a part-time surveyor for my buddy's property. I walk the grounds, inspect all the good spots, and keep all the other neighbourhood cats in line. I have an office in the backyard where I like to make my notes. It's a decommissioned dog house.

Have you been able to assist in your dad’s art making process? If so, do you feel that proper credit has been given to your contribution?
He doesn't usually credit me, but I do my best to sit on any piles of paper, or drawings that look important before they go wherever they're going. It's a small touch, but it makes a difference. Sometimes I chew the corners. I also ghost-write a lot of his comic strip. He'd never admit that though.

Have you ever purposefully shed your kitty hairs onto your dad’s artwork?
I'm a pretty heavy shedder, so I don't really have to try. If I'm near it, there's hair on it. It's something I take pride in.

What activity do you prefer? A. Cuddling with Dad B. Staring at the wall
I like that guy a lot, but I'm not really big on cuddling. I mean I enjoy a good petting as much as the next guy, but there's a time and a place, you know? Now, give me a nice wall, or a corner, or a pillow that I can stare at for a few hours.. That's nice.

What are your future goals? Aspirations?
I'd like to travel. My friend Uzi lives near Quinpool, which I think is in France. We used to be roommates.. I'd like to visit her there. I'm a bit of a bread connoisseur, so it would be right up my alley I think. My friend Scrappy and I keep talking about starting a book club. But I don't know.. it's hard to find the time.

Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.
I get called handsome a lot. You tell me..

Any general life advice for us regular humans?
When you're shredding cheese for a pizza or something, it's really rude not to drop some on the floor for your friends. Also, if you didn't want me to walk onto your lap and stare in your face, you shouldn't have picked up a book and tried to read.